Faces of Ohio State

These are the portraits of people in and around campus; of fellow Buckeyes and their stories. Go Bucks!

What’s the craziest thing you have done in campus? 

 - I roller-bladed in campus drunk and relieved myself in the the oval.  

What’s the craziest thing you have done in campus? 

- I got high on the roof in Knowlton and rode chairs down the ramps. 

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How would you describe yourself? 

- Marching Band. 

What about marching band? 

- It takes a lot of dedication. We have to be there 6 hours early at game days to practice. So if it’s a noon game; we have to be there at 6 am.  

What’s the craziest thing you have done at Ohio State? 

- I synthesized DMT once. 

What’s that? 

- DMT is an hallucinogenic drug. 

How does it feel? 

- It feels like you are breaking through to another dimension. It only lasts for about 5 mins; but it feel like several years has passed. 

How did you go about synthesizing it? 

- I experimented heavily with drugs in high school. Also, I am senior studying chemistry. Having access to a chem lab definitely helps with the process. 

PS: I am not sure of your exact situation and the troubles you are going through; but please don’t cut yourself again. 

How has you college experience been so far?

- I was a Political Science major, but I realized I din’t want to spend my life in a cut-throat world. 

Also, I was a depressed for a while; and I took the past fall off.

Can I ask why you were depressed? and how you got yourself out?

- Most of my friends went to other schools, and I didn’t know a lot of people here. I thought I would become better friends with the acquaintances from high school; but didn’t because they developed their own group. I was lonely at the time.

But taking time off helped. People think if they take any time off they won’t come back; but taking the time off really helped me.

I also started to realize what’s around me and stopped pitying myself. 

What was the most memorable thing you have done at OSU? 

- This was at OSU, but I applied on a whim to spend 2 months in Oman and Dubai. 

What’s the craziest thing you have done there? 

- I crossed a 12 lane highway on foot. Also, I got kicked out of Oman. I went about my business in Oman, completely unaccounted for. 

What’s the weirdest thing you have done in campus?

- Once a few friends of mine and I dressed up in full snow and ski gear and went skiing around campus. There was no snow in the ground. Than a friend of mine jumped in to Mirror Lake. 

What’s the most fun thing you have done while attending Ohio State? 

- Took a road trip to a small town Fredonia and Timbuk farm while being high. There were a lot of racist people there.

How did you end up there? 

- I have this policy, when in doubt, take a left.   

What’s the weirdest thing you have done at OSU? 

- I ran around campus in a clown costume for a photographer friend. 

How do you like Ohio State?
- It’s crazy here but after 2 years living here; it became a second home town. Also, oval beach was surprising, watching everyone with little clothes on.

What’s something you didn’t expect at OSU? 

- There aren’t as many cornfields as I thought there would be; and the people here are friendly, people is Boston aren’t as friendly. 

What’s something quirky or weird about you/ you experienced here?  

- People in my floor in Smith Hall toss around a butt-plug as a joke. 

How has OSU changed you?

- OSU helped you become more independent.  I have learned to always keep an open mind.

2014 USG Presidential candidates

Ryan Hedrick

Meet Ryan, he is a 3rd year Linguistics and Political Science major. He is not currently active with USG. He is from Charleston, West Virginia.  

The weirdest things he did while going to Ohio State was to find small piece of sovereign Dutch land in middle of Ottawa, Canada. The quirkiest things he did were performing a poem at Cafe Kerouac, in polish.

He has a list of 95 theses that he plans on tackling. The list includes things like creating a puppy room in campus to help students de-stress. He wants focus on his efforts on creating a better health and wellness programs, specifically mental health.

2014 USG Presidential candidates

Mohamad Mohamad

Meet Mohamad, yes, his last name is also Mohamad; you didn’t read that wrong. He is a 3rd year Chemical Engineering and Engineering Physics major. He has been involved with USG since freshman year.

For the past few weeks his diet consisted of almond milk, Kraze cereal and OJ.

He wants to bring simple solutions with lasting impacts to USG. He wants to tackle issues most students are affected by, such as text books, password change and blocks system.

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