I met this wonderful lady earlier today, she told me she met her late husband while they were students in Ohio State. She said she was introduced to her husband through a friend of her from high school, a friend she had a crush on, not knowing that her friend was gay.

- How did you feel when you found out you high school crush was gay? 

- Oh I didn’t know, he had always hung around me. He wrote a letter to me after my husband died; he said he always hung around me because he wanted to be like me. It is sad in a way, complementary in another. 

- When did your husband die? 

- Five years ago. 

- What’s the best memory you have of him? 

- The 30 years that we lived together in Detroit. He was a musician, and I worked in a doctors office. We were always driven to the arts, we travel to places with beautiful art. We went to Paris, Vienna, New York looking for the strange, the beautiful. 

- Oh, that sounds amazing.

- I will tell you one thing, when you spend so much time with someone, you lose yourself. I didn’t know who I was after he died. I was lost.  

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